Mark Cossey


Mark grew up in Australia, with a brief stint as a child in the Midlands. The experience of constant drizzle and Morris dancing inspired him to return to Britain where he currently works in Television. He has seen time on Doctor Who, the Royal Wedding, and occasionally made television with sheep. Why he got the sheep job he doesn't know. He has trouble walking in a pair of wellingtons.

He is married to Martha, a screenwriter, and they live in London with their two sons.



Crushed by the iron grip of the divine Augustus Caesar, Germania turns to the dark power of an ancient cult. Only the apostate Henna can stop its relentless march towards war, but to succeed she must overcome the legions, the tribes and her own broken family.

Her last ally, a crippled ex-slave named Felix. Her greatest threat, the immortal shadow that hides deep in the woods, waiting for us all.

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‘Here again, Mr Cossey?’ asked the young Spanish embryologist, shooting me a welcoming smile as I followed him down the corridor. He had recognised me by sight and that wasn’t good. I was now the one thing you don’t want to be in a fertility clinic.

A regular.

Martha wanted a baby. Mark wanted a baby. What’s the worst that could happen?